We offer our customers an extensive catalogue of 9720 SN self-locking nuts, from M03 to M36, in different materials and coatings. We produce self-locking nuts for rolling stock manufacturers and sub-assembly assemblers, as well as for industrial suppliers.

Our slotted self-locking nuts, known on the market as Philidas nuts, guarantee solid fastening of the bolted joint thanks to the axial expansion of their slots. We manufacture all of our slotted self-locking nuts in steel in compliance with the UNE-EN ISO 2320 /2009 standard and in stainless steel according to standard NF E 25411.

To meet the anti-corrosion demands and friction coefficient required by each application, we offer all kinds of finishes: Electrolytic zinc, Delta- Tone, Delta-Protekt, zinc nickel...

Our slotted self-locking nuts with a Delta-Protekt anti corrosion coating are an evolution of the Delta-Tone coating with controlled friction coefficient. In the case of electrolytic zinc plating, we offer the possibility of applying a variety of passivation processes and lubricants for controlled resistance to corrosion and the corresponding friction coefficient.

We add the dehydrogenation process to all our electrolytic treatments to eliminate the risk of hydrogen embrittlement.

Manufacture of slotted self-locking nuts

We supply 9720 SN slotted self-locking nuts to the most exacting rolling stock producers. Being manufacturers means that we can offer greater guarantees of quality and service, providing our customers with personalised solutions combined with proven technical advice.

We have an extensive stock of finished products for the models in greatest demand, enabling us to provide a rapid response to our customers’ needs.