At Mendizabal we have been working for more than 5 decades to offer you a comprehensive first-rate turning and machining service. We make a detailed study of each project to provide you with a completely personalised service every time.

By working closely and in direct contact with our customers we can contribute our know-how as the participants in a shared project. We offer a service with a variety of solutions depending on each customer’s specific needs.

As well as our turning and machining service, we also manufacture special self-locking nuts (9720 SN and 9700 MH), an activity for which we enjoy recognition both nationally and internationally.

Committed to quality

Commitment to the quality of our service is a mainstay of our work philosophy. A firm pledge to remain at the forefront of innovation and technology with our means of production enables us to offer you guaranteed solutions for the manufacture of your parts. We work with modern quality control systems (auto control, SPC...) to guarantee perfect reliability in every part we make.

If you add a team of qualified professionals to the mix, the quality of our work is guaranteed. A skilled, dedicated team, with vast experience who work by the day to enhance their professional evolution.

We have had the ISO 9001 certificate since 2002. This certificate has helped us to improve our processes on the road to excellence.

Integrated Management Policy

Industries and synergies

We work for market’s most exacting industries.

  • Automotive
  • Railway
  • Wind power
  • Hydraulic power
  • Construction

At Mendizabal we have always endeavoured to maintain a close relationship with development agencies, technology centres and schools. For us these synergies are an essential step on the road to advancement in the continuous improvement of our processes and value proposition. We also work closely with suppliers, customers and companies who complement the service we offer the market.